Carrying the theme "The Never Ending Story of Magical Land and Legends", the promotion of Indonesian tourism will be presenting a variety of beauty destinations Indonesia. Complete with legend story from each destination.

The collaboration the Ministry of tourism, the Indonesian Embassy in Bangkok and the Tourism Office of Banten, Jakarta, West Sulawesi, will tempt the White Elephant State at Central World Square, Bangkok, Thailand, 17-19 November 2017.

"There will be a Wonderful Indonesia Festival in Bangkok. We will invite visitors to know more about the natural wealth and Indonesian culture. The targets are two, first Thai people themselves. Second, tourists who are shopping tour to Central World Square in Bangkok, "explained Deputy Tourism Marketing Development Kemenpar I Gde Pitana who accompanied by Asdep Development of Southeast Asia Market Rizki Handayani, Monday (6/11).

The selection of Central World Square as the location of the event is not without reason. This mall is one of the crowds in downtown Bangkok. The location is very strategic, as it is located between Central Childlom BTS sky train station and Siam BTS sky train station in central Bangkok.

Well, in Central World Square, Bangkok, visitors will be treated to the beauty and uniqueness of nature, cultural arts, and hospitality of the Indonesian population. And everything will be packaged in a unique and interesting packaging.

"There will be story telling from each destination. For example the story about the Legend of Lake Toba for the area of ​​Lake Toba and Medan. Legend story of Lutung Kasarung to promote Jakarta and Bandung. Or the Legend of Roro Jonggrang for Jogjakarta, Solo and Semarang (JogloSemar) destinations, "he added.

In addition, there will also be other support programs that increasingly brighten up the event. Starting from art and cultural performances, intimate music concerts, interactive activities and workshops, culinary bazaars and fashions.

Not to forget, this tour exhibition will be presenting tour packages to destinations in Indonesia involving Thailand Travel Agencies Association (TTAA) and airlines such as Thai AirAsia and Thai Lion.

"This we make to increase the target of foreign tourists visiting Thailand from this year reached 118 thousand," said Rizki Handayani.

Furthermore, he explained, the performers who presented later will be a collaborative viewer from Indonesia and Thailand. One of the performers from Thailand is Savika Chiyadech, a Thai actress who also plays as a model and also a singer.

Meanwhile, for interactive content and workshop, there will be a series of iconic things from Indonesia such as coffee, batik, wayang, angklung, instagrammable wall and others.

Visitors will also be invited to practice ceramic painting which is typical of Malang city, coffee demo, film screening, augmented reality and virtual reality related to various destinations in Indonesia.

"As well as games and gift swap," Rizki said.

As for the culinary corner, the visitors will be served typical foods ranging from Kerak Telor, Solo Kitchen, Soto Bandung, Martabak, snack cakes and other markets.

In addition there will also be craft markets such as Shirayas Tenun Garut, Cita Tenun Indonesia, Inderes Batik, Roemah Batik Cirebon, Limpapeh Kebaya, Lungsin Handbag and so on.

Tourism Minister Arief Yahya himself called tourism is proximity. Close proximity, emotional closeness, cultural and tradition closeness, ideological closeness, and spiritual closeness. As fellow ASEAN, Indonesia and Thailand have close proximity in the distance. To Jakarta, it can be reached 3 hours 5 minutes. While going to Bali, the destination can be reached 4 hours 10 minutes from Bangkok.

"It is a market that can be quickly cultivated and produce foreign tourists," said Arief.

Not only that, both countries also have many similarities in the field of culture. For example, dances and costumes of traditional dancers of South Sumatra, Gending Sriwijaya.

"We also have Borobudur, the largest and oldest temple that could be an attraction for them and Indonesia has an exotic beach" said Arief. 

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