The free Ancol entry plan on October 14, 2017 is null and void. Ancol side said, it took a more in-depth study to eliminate the people enter the recreation area.
Governor of Jakarta (9th) Ali Sadikin by

Ancol's hard stance could make the Governor of Djarot Saiful Hidayat inflamed. However, he chose to wait for the study of PT Pembangunan Jaya as the manager of Ancol area. Djarot believes, PT Pembangunan Jaya will remain profitable in terms of business despite freeing residents to enter Ancol.

Djarot also reveals the history when Bung Karno wants Jakarta Capital City to have recreational facilities in the form of beaches that can be enjoyed by residents from all walks of life.

The same thing was once expressed by the Governor of the 9th DKI Jakarta Ali Sadikin. In the book of Bang Ali: For the sake of Jakarta 1966-1977 compiled Ramadan KH, Bang Ali, greeting Ali Sadikin, said Ancol Project, which he inaugurated is a big idea of the first President of Indonesia, Sukarno.

People enjoy the atmosphere of Ancol Beach, Jakarta, ( Fithriansyah)

According to Ali, once Ancol region is a swamp area, uninhabited and only become unemployed land. Bung Karno then ambitious to make the land as a tourist area.

"He was the first to present his image, so that the marshes were thought to be a place to relax, have fun," said Bang Ali.

Bang Ali also said the development of Ancol tourism area is aimed at lower middle class citizens. Therefore, when it is officially operated, Bung Karno wants Ancol to be able to access all circles, especially middle to low-income people.

"People who live in crowded houses, in crowded villages need places to feel a little relieved," said Bang Ali.

Not only Ancol tourism, other tourist areas such as Ria Park, Monas, Ragunan Wildlife Park, also Ismail Marzuki Park should be accessible to middle to lower class citizens. How to apply the price of admission is affordable.

"The population of Kali Pasir village near TIM (Taman Ismail Marzuki) should be able to enjoy what is in the TIM," said Bang Ali.

Ambition Create Ancol Similar to Disneyland

Ali Sadikin's ambition to promote Jakarta tourism emerged when he visited Los Angeles, San Diego, and Las Vegas after treatment in San Francisco, United States.

Bang Ali said that the journey is not just entertainment, but also for comparative studies, especially explore the potential of tourism from Jakarta.

"The three cities are famous for some things that are concerned with tourism and recreation, and what I see in those three cities I make material for the progress of Jakarta," said Bang Ali.

In 1970, Bang Ali asked Ciputra entrepreneurs from PT Pembangunan Jaya to see the recreation area and Disneyland in California.

"And it turns out Ciputra is nimble and insightful time is really deft to move some of the atmosphere in California that until people who enter the Ancol area can now breathe the relaxed air," said Bang Ali.

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