South Sulawesi Governor Syahrul Yasin Limpo opened the Pinisi Festival 2017 which took place in Bulukumba District, South Sulawesi. The opening was held at Leepe'e Dock of Bulukumba, Thursday (2/11).

The festival that presents more variety of activities this year is expected to become an icon or branding of tourism from Bulukumba Regency, and South Sulawesi in order to become a national event that will increasingly menghuniuni Indonesia.

"This event is of course an event calendar that is being tried in South Sulawesi implemented by Bulukumba, we hope it becomes a national agenda and also worldwide," said Governor Yasin Limpo in his speech yesterday.

The opening was done by the drum harbor by Governor Yasin Limpo and the delivery of miniature of pinisi boat accompanied by the Regent of Bulukumba A.M Sukri Sappewali.

Bulukumba House Leaders and Members, representatives from Maros Regency, Takalar District, Makassar Municipality seemed to attend this event, and local residents also meet the location.

Yasin Limpo said, pinisi boat has become a symbol of the world originating from Bulukumba which until now still used by the world and even become a source of inspiration in closer all life in the sea in particular.

"It is the dignity of the Bulukumba people to say they have the culture and the height of reason they have long days," he said.

He also encouraged this event to continue to be done in the future and continue to bring more variety of activities.

"Especially in preparing the tourist destinations of Bira, Kajang tourist areas should be stronger," he said.

Bulukumba Regent A.M Sukri Sappewali said, Pinisi Boat is a cultural heritage from Sulawesi Sulatan, especially Bulukumba which has been granted patent from the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights.

"So we hope that this Pinisi boat is worldwide and hopefully in 2018 will be appointed as a national event," said the Regent.

In the opening ceremony, Governor Yasin Limpo along with the Regent A.M Sukri also released the Pinisi shipping race from Leepe's Pier to Tanjung Pira Beach followed by 20 pinisi ships.

Along with this race is also a fishing competition, and the fish catch is processed to be eaten in the theme of Fish Eating Movement.

While the other activity is a ritual procession of launching the newly completed Pinisi boat, Annyorong Lapi.

The Kajang customary ritual "Andingingi Kampong", then Ritual Adat Bakar Linggis "Attunu Panroli" is a ritual in solving a problem with the method of proof for Kajang residents in seeking justice.

The trick, a crowbar that has been burned and burned will be held by the "accused" of lying / crime. If the accused hand blisters then he is the culprit, but otherwise if his hand is okay, he is not the culprit and free from the allegations.

Tourism Minister Arief Yahya welcomed the implementation of this 2017 Pinisi Festival. He said the worldwide popularity of Pinisi can be a strong icon for Bulukumba District, and South Sulawesi in general. Moreover Pinisi not only the ship, but also contains many cultural meanings in it.

"Where the element of culture is the strongest attraction for tourists, especially abroad," said Minister Arief Yahya.

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