Minister of Manpower (Menaker) M. Hanif Dhakiri revealed that cooperatives can be one of the company's means to improve employee welfare. Hanif made the statement during a visit to Koperasi Telekomunikasi Selular (Kisel) on Thursday (12/10).
Minister of Manpower (Menaker) Hanif Dhakiri (

"My goal to Kisel is to find a good role model of employee cooperatives or cooperative unions / labor unions (SP / SB). Later we will also see cooperative employees who are not good as a comparison "said Hanif.

Hanif said the government continues to encourage the establishment of cooperatives in the company to develop well so that it can help improve workers' welfare.

"We continue to provide guidance to SP/SB regarding the establishment and management of cooperatives. We also ask companies to help establish cooperative workers and facilitate cooperative activities. To develop Ministry of Manpower (Kemnaker) cooperatives continue to cooperate with the Ministry of Cooperatives, "said Hanif.

Why cooperative is chosen as one of the good business entity, Hanif said, cooperative is a business entity that side with the people. Hanif hopes that in the future, fellow workers can have a cooperative managed like Kisel, professional and innovative, so they can compete.

From the meeting with Kisel management, Hanif explained, Kisel is one of the good cooperative employees. Kisel's assets are currently over 1 trillion, while revenues are around 6.2 trillion per year.

Hanif added, the current development of technology is so fast that the scheme of transformation in the cooperative must also adjust quickly. In order to work properly, employee cooperatives must go hand in hand with company management. "Cooperatives should not be opposed to management," he said.

Hanif said that in order to develop, cooperative workers need to make arrangements in membership management and cooperative management, business development management, financial management and capital and marketing management.

The existence of cooperative workers, he added, is very beneficial and beneficial for workers especially for urgent circumstances such as savings and loan activities for school entrance fees, sick family or other interests.

"Even if the capital is strong enough, the cooperative can provide capital loan assistance for workers in companies to open a business or entrepreneurship capital," he said.

Meanwhile, Chairman Kisel Tubagus Daniel Azhari explains, so that the establishment of cooperatives can be successful key lies in human resources.

"The most basic thing is its human resources. This will drive the business. Therefore, the pattern of recruitment must be clear, according to the applicable process, "said Tubagus.

To note, Kisel was ranked 128th World Cooperative International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) version of Year 2014 and was named the Largest Employee Cooperative in Indonesia version of Opportunity Magazine Year 2015.

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