Group of tourists already flowing into Lake Toba and they feel amazed by all the natural beauty. They proved firsthand how the beauty of Lake Toba and the cultural diversity of people's lives.

Strategy Tourism Minister Arief Yahya pushing up Silangit Airport into an international airport in order to increase the visit of foreign tourists to Lake Toba proved successful.

This is seen after 10 tour packages launched in welcoming international flights in Silangit some time ago attracted a lot of interest.

One of these priority destinations is increasingly moncer. Toba Lake tourism life crowded back. People get the impact.

Director of the Lake Toba Authority Agency Arie Prasetyo said, a group of tourists from Singapore have started to arrive at Lake Toba to enjoy the fresh and cool air of Lake Toba in Huta Siallagan, Samosir.

"This tourist is a participant of Lake Toba Promotion Tour Package organized by the Ministry of Tourism, Pemprov Sumut, 8 regencies of Lake Toba, community and industry of Wonderful Lake Toba," said Arie Prasetiyo.

The tourists are a group of group # 1 Tour Package Promotion Lake Toba who came during the inaugural flight on 28 October.

In the package, besides enjoying the air of Lake Toba in Huta Siallagan, they also visited the Garden of Eden 100, a natural tourist site in Toba Samosir District. They also walked to the waterfall, picked fruit fruit and followed the Gorga engraving demo.

The 4 days and 3 night tour packages are closed with cultural night at Batak Museum TB Silalahi which is an offering from Toba Samosir and North Sumatera Provincial Government.

"They are very happy with these programs," Arie said.

After the group 1 group returned to Singapore from Silangit at 10:15 pm, group 2 arrived at Silangit at 13.30 WIB on Thursday (2/11).

In welcoming the inaugural international commercial flight from Singapore to Silangit, presented 10 Promotional Tour Packages that will bring tourists from Singapore to visit Lake Toba.

10 Promotion Tour Packages to be held on 28 October to 21 November 2017 is a combination of 3D2N, 4D3N and 5D4N packages that will present the natural beauty, as well as the culture of Lake Toba is packed in a slick and professional.

The price of this tour package is offered very competitive starting from S $ 299 or less than Rp3 million for 3D2N package, S $ 349 for 4D3N package, and S $ 489 for 5D4N plus Medan package. The package price includes airfare, local transportation, accommodation, meals during package and attraction arrangements.

Tourism Minister Arief Yahya called it a good start because when the flow of transportation is open, there will be an increase in the flow of tourists who come.

The addition of tourists will drive the economy of the local community. Lake Toba will truly be a world-class destination.

"The presence of this tourist I hope to blow the new spirit for the people of Lake Toba, especially the tourism industry in the Lake Toba region to further wrestle prepare themselves.Next year will be more tourists who come," said Minister Arief Yahya.

The government itself will continue to increase promotion to increase foreign tourists to Lake Toba, and North Sumatra in general.

"The key is to catch a fish in a neighboring pool" In Singapore there are 15 million foreign tourists and 5 million Singaporeans, and the distance is only 55 minutes from Silangit, "said Minister Arief Yahya.

Minister also instructed the Regents in Lake Toba and the Government of North Sumatra Province to be able to make Singapore as a hub.

"Forget the administrative boundaries, forget about the area, tourism is about proximity, cultural proximity and distance," said Arief Yahya.

Next after Singapore, it will start targeting Malaysian tourists,  explained tourism Minister.

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