Directorate of Economic and Special Crime Crime Police arrested F and S related to illegal import of liquor (alcohol), in Batam, Riau Islands (Kepri). Director of Tipideksus Brigadier General Agung Setya said the arrest was a development of BH aka KWK caught in the same case.
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"We have succeeded in catching the alcohol smuggling mafia, and the KWK brother who was caught earlier was not working alone, there are other networks as well, just like KWK, they manage the process of alcoholic improtation from Malaysia and Singapore which is done without fulfilling the procedures applicable in Indonesia," said Agung Bareskrim Police, Jakarta, Monday (23/10/2017).

He said the evidence seized from the three suspects was 58,595 bottles of illegal alcoholic drink, namely group B with 5-20 percent alcohol content and alcoholic group 20-55 percent.

"This is evidence that we confiscate the import documents and we also confiscate the records of warehouses in Batam so we make sure that we find facts that we can dig in the next process," said Agung.

According to him, illegal drinking into Indonesia from Malaysia and Singapore is not only circulated in Batam, but also in Jakarta.

"What F and S do is one way of entering and earning big profits from their economic motives, putting alcohol into Indonesia," said Agung.

Some time ago, he continued, police uncovered five containers containing illegal alcohol and the case is still related to the network of F and S. He added, related to illegal imports, it cooperates with BPOM and DGT.

"This is our work together, and then we can solve several things: firstly related to crime, the two potential taxes, and save the community from the circulation of the drink," he said.

Agung said the threat of punishment for the three of them committed the crime 15 years in prison.

"We apply Law No. 18 of 2012 on food and Law No. 8 of 1999 on consumer protection and article 204 of the Criminal Code with the threat of maximum sentence of 15 years in prison," said Agung.

Agung revealed, the three suspects had been long enough to smuggle this alcohol. However, they are almost untouchable by the law. The reason, they act neatly, both in storing and distributing alcohol imports illegal.

"We have identified that this perpetrator has been in this business, this KWK brother 20 years ago and they are untouchable as they keep their belongings on Buru Island in Batam in secret and make it difficult for officials to find them," said Agung.

In addition, he continued, these three suspects have a very loyal workers protect them to be able to perform its activities for 20 years.

"They have a communications network to protect their warehouse with guards there so that if we catch in Batam the island of Buru lost all its goods," said Agung.

When touched on whether there are law enforcement officers who became 'protector' of the three suspects, Agung claimed to have not found such indications.

"We did not find that indication, we found them working in a hidden way, working with employees who shut up when there are officers, they also use private boats so they are very hidden carrying them," said Agung.

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