Nusa Dua (Bali Island) may not be as popular as Kuta or Seminyak as a tourist destination on the island of Bali. As a luxury area in the south of Bali, Nusa Dua was originally better known as a formal meeting place of international scale, which seemed boring.
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Call it Climate Change Conference (UN), APEC meeting, until the mat Miss World ever held in this place.

Not only want to be known as a meeting place, Nusa Dua is now starting to clean up to become a favorite tourist destination for tourists at home and abroad.

The peak in March, when the region has become the goal of Saudi Arabia's King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud to vacation with his family.

Managed Indonesia Tourism Development Center (ITDC), this red plates attempt to create Nusa Dua as a lifestyle and festival destination.

Not only provide five-star hotel, culinary center and shopping tour, the area manager also began to hold various festivals to enliven the atmosphere, one of Nusa Dua Fiesta (NDF) which was held at Island Peninsula, ITDC area on 11-15 October 2017 .

Vice President Director of ITDC Jatmiko K Santosa said it wants to change the mindset of tourists about the area of ​​Nusa Dua into a more pleasant tourist attractions.

"People have known Nusa Dua is a meeting place, it's the mindset we want to change. But still with the target of high end tourist arrivals, "said Jatmiko found in Nusa Dua, Bali, Friday (13/10).

Through the NDF, it deliberately presents the typical cultural entertainment of the Island of Gods who are targeting tourists from middle to upper class. If previously NDF less desirable because it seemed like a folk feast, this time it tries to carry the concept of everything there with the mat music event to culinary party.

"We are trying to bring the high-end guests closer to the concept of playground," he said, adding that since the change of concept, the number of tourists visiting has increased fourfold.

Jatmiko realized, since the beginning of the area of Nusa Dua is designed for upper middle class. Not surprisingly, many five-star luxury hotel facilities are deliberately made with direct access to the white sand beaches in Nusa Dua area. This facility and luxury he use really does not stop at NDF event only.

Jatmiko said, ITDC has prepared a series of events that will be held starting in March 2018. But he is still reluctant to divulge further events that will be held other than NDF.

"From March it can be seen the schedule of events in Nusa Dua anything, which is clearly not just NDF," he said.

Not only the event title, it also plans to develop Water Blow Beach tour. The beach is famous for this great wave sensation, according to him, including one of the favorite tourist destinations whose facilities are still very minimal. He intends to make this beach more open and can be a choice of congress for the tourists.

The arrangement of Water Blow is planned before the International Monetary Fund (IMD) World Bank Annual Meeting in October 2018.

Not only tourist attractions, the ITDC will also poke Bali Collection as one of the shopping centers in Nusa Dua. Jatmiko well aware of the tourists who visit Nusa Dua not just want to enjoy the sights.

"Vacation people see beach a day two days bored, after that they would want to shopping.We will do the arrangement in Bali Collection," he said.

Infrastructure Improvement

ITDC parties also seem to pay great attention to the improvement of basic infrastructure in Nusa Dua area. The infrastructure improvements will start with the replacement of LPG gas cylinders that are still used in some hotels.

He claimed to be uncomfortable with the existence of LPG gas tubes that are placed just outside the hotel.

"We will replace it with pipes, so guests will not see the gas canisters anymore," he said.

The development of the ITDC area in Nusa Dua is also claimed to still prioritize the sustainability of the surrounding natural environment. One of them with the waste management concept of new water, which simply means to recycle used water into clean water.

This concept is not much different from the management in Singapore. How it is believed Jatmiko can minimize waste disposal in the area of ​​Nusa Dua.

"This waste treatment has actually been around for a long time, but it is not well developed," says Jatmiko.

The Role of Society

Tourism development in the area of ​​ITDC Nusa Dua recognized Jatmiko not separated from the role of local communities. During this time it seeks to establish good relations with communities living in the vicinity of the ITDC.

One of them by making Chinese training for traders around the tourist area. Jatmiko reasoned, during the last year tourists from China began to flood Nusa Dua tourist areas.

Mandarin training is important to facilitate them to interact with foreign tourists from China.

"Now the waves of Chinese tourists here are amazing, so we make Chinese training," he said.

Nevertheless, until now Jatmiko not sure how much the number of tourists visiting the area of ITDC Nusa Dua. He did not dismiss the amount slightly reduced after the status of Mount Agung.

However, as part of State Owned Enterprises (SOEs), it targets 10 million foreign tourists in 2019 that utilize tourist-run areas of government.

"We are targeting 10 million tourists who take advantage of airlines to government-owned tourist attractions in 2019," he said.

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