Lontar Village Community of Tirtayasa District, Serang Regency, Banten Province participated in a Productive Village Development Program organized by the Ministry of Manpower (BBPP) Productivity Development Center (Kemnaker).
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The program aims to develop local potentials and improve the productivity of rural communities through various activities such as training, consultation and mentoring.

"We chose Lontar Village as a place of implementation of the concept of productive village coaching because this area has the potential of Natural Resources (SDA) and Human Resources (SDM) large but these resources have not been optimally empowered," said Head of BBPP, Sri Indarti, when opened a Productive Village Development Program at Lontar Village Hall, Thursday (2/11/2017).

Lontar village which is geographically located on the coast has tremendous fishery and marine potential. The potential, continued Sri, if managed properly then it can provide added value so as to improve the economy of the community.

"For that, there needs to be guidance so that people can improve their knowledge and skills so that they can utilize the existing potentials creatively, innovatively, effectively, efficiently, quality and environmentally friendly," Sri said.

On this occasion Sri also invites the community and the full migrant workers in the village of Lontar to build the village through the natural potential that exists. Moreover, Sri added, Lontar Village has the cultivation of seaweed number three nationwide. So is the fish cultivation is very promising.

"It can be developed, considering that there is now one vilage one product in the form of seaweed crackers and seaweed sweets such as those in West Nusa Tenggara.By developing local potentials so the economy can rotate so that people do not need to work abroad," said Indarti .

Meanwhile, Village Chief Lontar Aklani said, through this Productive Village Development program the community can improve their skills. In addition, the existing resources can be utilized, especially related to the potential of marine and fish farming.

"We welcome this program and hopefully the full migrant workers can develop their economy so that they can open new jobs and increase their prosperity," Aklani said.

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