Established since 1951, JIS commonly known as Jakarta International School was renamed Jakarta Intercultural School since December 1, 2014.
(Foto: CNN Indonesia/Artho Viando)

In line with the change of name, the international school consisting of two elementary schools (Pattimura and Pondok Indah), as well as one junior high and high school (Cilandak) was then clean up and refine its education program by becoming a school SPK (Cooperation Education Unit).

Among the programs that are relied upon that is working with a number of parties outside the school. The students are then given the opportunity to undergo a field experience program and go directly to the real world. Met on the sidelines of his busy life as the new JIS Head of School, some time ago, Tarek Razik, Ed.D, gave his views on JIS's current condition, and his hope in the future.

JIS was previously known as Jakarta International School, then changed Jakarta Intercultural School? What is the reason behind it?

Several years ago, the Minister of Education decided to bring all international schools into the Indonesian education system. Instead of being called an international school in Indonesia, it is now an Indonesian school with methods and students of international scale. For this it takes several years. There are many countries do not do that, but Indonesia at that time put it together. For me, this is more on nationalism and pride. Not what the international school, but nuanced Indonesia.

JIS students come from anywhere?

Many students from different countries in this school. There are about 60 countries here, diverse cultures, different citizens. Everyone celebrates the difference, and we are in Indonesia. They are from the US, Canada, Britain, Germany, Korea, Japan, and there are also students from South Africa, Thailand and sons / daughters from embassies, and Ghana.

Can you tell us a bit about JIS, the current number of students?

There are now 2,270 students in JIS. Many have decreased. There is a trend that shows that international schools are decreasing, more expat, and this is more because of financial problems, because the cost of study is quite high.

Being the oldest 'international school' in Indonesia, what makes JIS different?

The amenities. This is the biggest and most beautiful school I've ever seen. It's been 30 years in the world of education, and the time of entering this school, immediately amazed, because there is a green park, and hundreds of garden officials who keep this school well maintained. JIS, in my opinion, has the advantage of facilities.

In addition, as an international school, there is a JIS role that rewards Indonesians. Sometimes, the image of an international school is confined inside, while JIS is not. We think how to give back to the community, and at the same time bring Indonesian children to this school.

The atmosphere of teaching and learning process in JIS. (Photo: CNN Indonesia / Artho Viando)

What are the care programs that JIS promotes, in this case benefit the Indonesian people?

There are many. Among other things, the teaching of school teachers in Indonesia because education is the most important in the world. In fact, the President said education is a priority. Therefore, the more we give, such as sharing pedagogical teaching, and helping students in Indonesian schools and education.

There are many Indonesian students who we invite to school and welcome them with open arms. Participate either in class, or use sports facilities. It makes education better for all.

JIS stood since 1951 and survives until now. What made him continue to be a superior school?

I think JIS has a good history, and has become outstanding school. My goal is to continue with what JIS has achieved before, and add superior value. I will not bring what's being done in Beijing here, but bring a workable perspective. How to adjust with what is good here. In my observations, this is a good school, and it could be better. I think everyone can see improvement and change, how to make it better for students, teachers and parents.

You previously took part in the Beijing International School. What is adopted and brought to JIS?

First, caring, caring for children, and putting schools as learning centers. And second, the matter of pride being part of JIS. The ones to be brought from Beijing, project based learning experience, or experiential learning. And that's important, we've done this in some programs. We implement it here, but do it differently.

What about JIS alumni?

JIS alumni, exist all over the world. There are thousands of alumni connected to the facebook network. I've met alumni in Houston, Texas. It was the first time connected with JIS alumni. There are also some alumni working in the US congress, such as a congresswoman in Iowa and Illinois.

A number of alumni continue their studies to college that is quite prestigious. Not necessarily Harvard, Princeton or Colombia, but the school wants to give happiness to students, intelligence, great curiosity and love the learning process.

What about JIS's curriculum?

Our base-level curriculum is drawn from the best of a number of countries, such as the US, Australia, Singapore, and puts them together within the learning framework. Meanwhile, for senior high school there is an international program IB, AP, and the use of appropriate methods.

What are the challenges or obstacles in achieving JIS targets?

Our barriers are ourselves. Sometimes, success itself can be an obstacle. We are satisfied, and do not want to be better, and other inhibiting factors from within. I think we need to make things better for the kids.

One of the student activities in JIS. (Photo: CNN Indonesia / Artho Viando)

What does JIS want to achieve in the future?

I hope JIS can continue its role in providing a good educational experience for the community. This is not for me or JIS to be good, but more to realize the mission and vision, and the main values to be achieved. That's the main thing, beneficial to the crowd.

I do not think I want to be better than anyone else, but be the best we can be. To achieve that, continue what the school leadership did before me, in accompanying the institution to achieve what was targeted, to achieve the mission of vision and values that the school carries.

In addition, ensuring students enjoy the school age and continuing to college, as well as contributing to the world. That's the main thing. JIS who would like to give something to Indonesia through cooperation with many parties. So one day, people see JIS as part of Indonesia.

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