Indonesia with India, Japan, China, Philippines, and Bangladesh, were selected to the EB UNESCO membership period 2017-2021 in the Asia Pacific Group.
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Indonesia was selected to the Executive Board (EB) of UNESCO's world cultural body from 2017-2021, Wednesday (8/11). The selection of members of the Executive Council of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) took place in the 39th Session of the UNESCO General Conference in Paris, France.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs's release received by CNN Indonesia on Thursday (9/11), the selection of Indonesia in EB UNESCO is very strategic for the national interest because EB member countries have the opportunity to better articulate their interests and take part in decision making. with the great importance of Indonesia in the field of work of UNESCO, especially in the field of education and culture.

Indonesia's victory is inseparable from the achievements and diplomacy of Indonesia in UNESCO and efforts to support intensively both by all elements of the Government, especially the RI Representative.

Indonesia has donated several Works of Art to UNESCO and is a member of the World Heritage Committee (WHC) 2015-2019 which has a mandate for the preservation of world cultural heritage. In 2017, Indonesia is also believed to host World Press Freedom Day.

Quite a lot of Indonesia's cultural heritage is recognized by UNESCO, ranging from wayang, keris, batik, angklung, noken, Borobudur and Prambanan temple area, as well as dance of Saman and Balinese Dance as object cultural heritage.

In the closing selection, Indonesia managed to have 160 votes or the third position in the Asia Pacific Group.

EB UNESCO, together with the UNESCO General Conference, is UNESCO's primary decision-making body in setting standards in education, culture, science, and communications. The EB also regulates matters relating to UNESCO management, particularly in budget and administration.  (nat)

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