The hacking team is again targeting the SWIFT banking system for criminal acts. The hackers themselves last year had broken into US $ 81 million from the Central Bank of Bangladesh.
Hacking illustration (Photo: Thinkstock / g-stockstudio)

A senior SWIFT official said that hacking efforts on their security systems are still continuing.

"The effort (hacking) continues, which is what we expected, because we did not want them to suddenly just disappear," said Stephen Gilderdale, head of the SWIFT security program in an interview.

Gilderdale's statement underscores that banks are still the most at risk of cyber attacks.

Hackers are known to target computers used to access SWIFT for nearly two months after a theft case in February 2016 from a Bank of Bangladesh account at Federeal Reserve Bank of New York.

SWIFT itself is a platform that connects banks, companies and other financial institutions to exchange messages and work with other institutions located in different parts of the world.

Gilderdale refused to disclose how many hackers attempt to access the SWIFT system. He is also reluctant to say what percentage of them are successful, how much money has been stolen, to the possibility of their attack potential will be faster or even slowed down.

Related to this case, on Monday (9/10) in Sri Lanka reported the arrest of two people who did money laundering from Bank Taiwan known computer system has been hacked to pass transactions abroad.

The police then took action after receiving reports of suspicious transactions.

Questioning the case of money theft in the Central Bank of Bangladesh, Gilderdale said there are several security systems used to dispel hacking action.

For example, he says that the SWIFT system has managed to stop some attacks thanks to software system updates that automatically send alerts when hackers attempt to tinker with data on bank computers used to access the network.

SWIFT also plans to reveal the possibility to start sharing data with security vendors to incorporate information into products incorporated in their systems. (evn)

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