Ministry of Tourism and Local Government Wakatobi, carrying out Wakatobi Wave event or Wonderful and Festival Expo, starting from 11-12 November 2017.

In Wakatobi Wave 2017 festival, organizers not only perform cultural performances related to Maritime. But the government also offers dozens of tourist destinations to be visited by Wakatobi Wave participants.

Vice Regent of Wakatobi, Ilmiati Daud, explained that Wakatobi Wave will present a specialization of local culture presented in such a way through all manner of presentation that has been packaged in the form of Dance Colossal.

"Tour also we prepare to entertain the participants after the activity.There are dozens of tourist destinations in Wakatobi that have been mixed to please the participants of the festival, tourists who also like typical culinary or all kinds of Wakatobi food has been provided" said Ilmiati Daud.

In Wakatobi not only has wakatobi waves, but there are three festival events that have been included in the national calendar of festival implementation at the ministry of tourism.

"There is Tomia Island festival, Binongko Island festival, Barata kalidupa festival and Wakatobi Wave last held every year," he explained.

To realize that of course, said Ilmiati Daud was hoping spontaneity from the central government and provincial government to support and provide support in terms of transportation connectivity so that the festival can flourish.

To support the implementation of a good festival in Wakatobi, his side has to revamp the shortcomings of each event.