Visitors can test the adrenaline jump from the reef to the sea with a distance of about 10 meters. Recent tourist location managers built a diving board that leads to the sea. The board is about five meters long tied at the rock.

Speaking of marine tourism potential in Sabang, will never run out. In fact, every meter in the mainland of Sabang City, save the tourism potential.

In the city nicknamed Pulau Weh, there are many tourist spots that can be visited. This time, there is a new tourist spot that was hits among tourists both local and foreign.

The location is in Ujong Kareung Village, Sukajaya Sub-district, Sabang City, Aceh. It is only about seven kilometers from downtown Sabang. In this place, visitors are pampered with the beauty of the beach. When you arrive at the site, eat during the trip will be paid off with exotic scenery plus coral arrangements along the beach.

Array of rocks, making this place has its own uniqueness. According to the local community, Ujong Kareung Village is named, because there are many corals along the coast, as a crown for the beach.

Blue sea water can not go away from this location. In fact, visitors can see the white sand of sand and fish tame at a depth of five to six meters on the seabed.

The managers of the sights recently made a diving board that leads to the sea with a distance of about 10 meters. It was about five meters long, tied at the rock.

Local residents say, this diving board is open from about 1 Month ago. This place is more commonly used for fishing.

"There are a lot of visitors who come here, there is a bath there is also just for the photos, so this board is made, for visitor activity there," said Saiful, the manager of tourist sites.

Managers also make a ladder for the visitors easy to ride back to land. It is advisable that visitors should be careful, because the coral walls located around the board have an abstract surface and are quite sharp.

However, not to worry, because the depth of water below this diving board is ranging between 4-5 meters. In addition there is no coral in the bottom of the water so it is not too dangerous.

Spot tours in the village of Ujung Kareung this could be one of the reference visitors, when spending time on vacation in Indonesia's most western tip of the island.