Sumba cherry blossoms or called local people this Konjil flowers can be found in the area of Waingapu City, Sumba Nusa Tenggara. Oh, don't forget to bring your favorite camera, funny hat and glasses as an accessory to be able to view interesting photos that can be uploaded to your social media account.

Japan became one of the tourist destinations of the world community including the people of Indonesia. One reason is the beauty of cherry blossoms that exist only in this sun country.

To get the view, tourists need to spend deep enough. Given at the end of March to early April (bloom Sakura), the price of flight tickets to Japan is quite expensive.

In fact, the view of the blooming cherry blossoms you can get in Indonesia precisely in eastern Indonesia. Sumbanese cherry blossoms or flowers called locals of this Konjil flowers can be found in Waingapu City, Sumba Nusa Tenggara.

"So no need to go all the way to Japan to see Sakura's flower, just come to Sumba," said East Sumba Regent, Gidion Mbiliyora when found at Gedung Sapta Pesona, Jakarta.

He said the beautiful flowers grow blooming in September to November and are white and pink. These flowers are also quite unique because they can grow in dry areas.

"In the vicinity of the airport, visitors can see the cherry blossoms are white," he explained.