Washing and caring towels to stay soft it does look easy. But in fact, one way to treat it, the towel can be 'curly' and also rough. To maintain the softness, here's how you can do it.

You certainly will not want to again wear a towel that has begun to thin and rough. Instead of wiping the body from the bath water, a rough towel will even hurt the skin. Wrong towels will also make the towel can no longer absorb water with the maximum.

Washing and caring for towels is not just throwing them into a washing machine and plus detergent. To keep the softness, here's how you can do it:

1. Wash before use

The initial step to maximize towel efficiency begins early on when you buy it. Wash towels before use. It aims to unlock the towel fiber.

"If the fiber is not open then it will not absorb water," said the team from Garnet Hill, a company selling household items.

It's just that when washing it's good to not wear fabric softener and avoid the dryer.

2. The best way to wash towels

How often towels are washed is your personal consideration. Only, Garnet Hill team suggested to be washed after 3-4 times the use.

When washing, most towels should be washed with warm water. Just to be sure, check back the cloth tag on the towel.

Only, because the towel has a different fiber with other clothes, wash towels separately from other laundry.