Can you imagine? When you have bad breath while meeting with your boss? Never mind to talk, to breathe only to be arrested. It is less effective to establish good communication wherever you are. Therefore, oral hygiene must be maintained.

Natural Ways to Overcome Bad Mouth Odor:

Natural Ways to Overcome Bad Mouth Odor:

1. Brushing teeth
Brushing your teeth 2x a day can lift the remnants of food attached to the teeth. But use a soft toothbrush, because hard bristles do not guarantee whiten or clean between your teeth. Therefore you are not required to brush your teeth with force / push to the teeth, just brushing your teeth for 5 minutes is very helpful to clean your teeth without hurting your teeth.

2. Dental floss

If you care about your dental health, it's good you only leave 10 minutes after brushing your teeth to clean between teeth, bacteria prefer to settle between the teeth that eventually formed a plaque and tartar. Use a smooth thread and do it carefully. If exposed to the gums will likely hurt the gums and will bleed.

3. Mouth Wash

Especially when you have a toothache caused by a hole in your teeth, you can use antiseptic to reduce the bacteria in the tooth. This can speed healing but it is better to consult a dentist to be removed or patched. Antiseptic is only helpful, especially since chemicals are not recommended daily.

4. Tongue Brush

After the toothbrush and gargle, what is the bad breath still attached? If so, brush your tongue 2x sweep. Investigate the tongue brush, there will be like a yellowish mucus. That is where the bacteria attached, tongue brush is very helpful to clean the bacteria on the tongue. Rarely people use it, because it thinks the tongue brush is less important.

5. Green tea 

Green Tea is rich in antioxidants that are useful to get rid of bacteria and germs in the mouth. Consumption of green tea every morning will give a fresh effect in the mouth, and to substitute mouthwash you can use water that has been given betel leaves to keep the mouth fresh. This has been tested by ancient societies before the creation of a chemical mouthwash. Enough consumption in the morning before your activity.