Papaya is one of the fruits that you can use for your various needs, ranging from beauty and health.
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Preventing Parasitic Infections

Papaya seeds contain antibacterial that can kill the parasite and its eggs. Parasites that are embedded in the body enter through the food you consume, the effect that is felt when you have difficult bowel movements. Because of the difficulty of defecating not only because of lack of nutrients and fiber. But because of parasitic and amoebic worms in the colon. The high content of proteolytic enzymes in papaya seeds is very effective at launching defecation and breaking down the protein waste so that your digestive tract is smooth. Wow, if your digestion smooth, just the same healthy diet without having to hold the snacks that inspire your appetite. You can prepare papaya fruit as a snack cover, do not forget to eat the seeds, at the end of the article there will be how to eat papaya seeds not to taste bitter.

Treat Liver Cirrhosis

Cirrhosis of the liver is a long-term liver damage even chronic. Where the heart hardens and shrinks, when silenced quickly will slowly dysfunction. The cause of liver cirrhosis is the presence of Hepatitis B virus, Hepatitis C virus, and consuming too many alcoholic beverages. If the liver has been damaged, it means your body will not clean the toxins that settle in the body. Already imagine what will happen right? Before your heart is worse, you can consume papaya seeds.

Overcoming Grey Hair

Grey Hair, who does not know gray hair? Hair that grows white, the average gray person is a middle-aged person. But today, where many things that have been contaminated by toxins make a person more quickly get gray hair from an early age. And you need to know the cause of coming gray is stress, premature menopause, hair dye, unhealthy lifestyle, smoking, vitamin A and vitamin C deficiency, thyroid disease and genetic factors. If you feel your daily too with the various causes above, you should be more aware of the growth of gray hair from now on. Believed, the content of papaya seeds can help balance hormones.

How to: mash the papaya seeds until smooth, then dry. Use the papaya seed powder as using conditioner, then use shampoo until clean.

Keeping Kidney Function

Some studies say papaya seeds can maintain kidney health, even guard against kidney failure. The average parent can not hold urine, it's probably an unhealthy kidney factor. As you know each person is given 2 pieces of kidney that is the size of our fist, the function of the kidney itself filters the waste and water.Waste from the discarded water that eventually becomes urine. From things like this you know that already very large benefits of your kidneys, one of which can balance the needs of the body and get rid of toxins. If there is no kidney, the body will store a lot of toxins. And the content of papaya seeds contain antibacterial, if you frequently consume, slowly the body will remove the bacteria that cause kidney damage.

How To Eat Papaya Seed To Not Be Bitter:

1. Eating Papaya Seeds is Raw

This method is more inclined to form a habit, where you start eating papaya seeds that are small in advance. Because the smaller papaya seeds are not too bitter, but you still have to chew the seeds until smooth. This way you can use, if you are lazy to mix with other materials. This way is more simple, you can eat papaya seeds wherever you are without having to prepare auxiliary materials.

2. Mix with Honey

This method is quite easy, because it only gives honey on papaya seeds. Approximately add 1 teaspoon of honey, this is useful to remove bitter taste on papaya seeds. But you still have to chew it. As for other alternatives, mash the papaya seeds until smooth, then give honey. This method is suitable for you who want to remove the parasite in your digestive tract.

3. Make Papaya Seed As Substitute Pepper

If you love to cook, this method is right in the middle of your cooking activities. Yup, replace your pepper season with papaya seeds as your cooking spice !!! Of course it will not taste bitter, even far would be better. However, the taste of pepaya and papaya seeds are much different. Therefore, you just add a few spoons of papaya seeds, because if too much is in great fear change your taste.

4. As a Condiment of Meat Cuisine

This method is like a substitute for pepper, but it turns papain seeds contain papain that add to the softness of meat. If you want to make a steak, 2 servings of steak for 2 people. You can add 1 tablespoon finely ground papaya seeds, plus a little olive oil.