Schizophrenia, some people call it crazy. How come? Schizophrenia is a psychological disorder that features a very broad characteristic when compared with other types of psychosis, its behavior is very strange beyond the normal person's mind.

Destructive Understanding is not understoodLet us first know about the notion of schizophrenia

Broadly speaking schizophrenia is a psychic disorder that is difficult to distinguish reality and imagination, they lose touch with the world of reality and make it behave strangely.

Is there a special feature for people with this disease?

In some cases people with schizophrenia are very confusing. Excessive emotional, extreme anxiety, difficult to distinguish between fantasy and reality, and often panic and excessive anxiety.

Unfortunately, around us the handling of schizophrenia is still minimal and not addressed earlier. The understanding of the spiritual possession of the subtle beings is still strong. The high cost for people with schizophrenia also makes people prefer to go to a shaman. Some again, decided to undo it in the room or tie it up. Though there is nothing wrong to be overcome.

Early Symptoms In Schizophrenic Patients:

  • Level of Early Functioning: The level of early functioning is the inability to see objects. It only focuses on 1 point regardless of the objects around, this happens because of motor damage that is also suffered by people with autism. This behavior causes something different, such as always staring down and seeing things with a very long duration.
  • Language disorder and communication: Language disorder and communication are the initial factors of schizophrenia. Usually he will repeat a sentence with the same tone. When invited to chat, do not connect. In some cases, the patient interrupts the conversation and confuses the other person. For a further stage, this disturbance will be more noticeable by stuttering speech and misdirected chatter.
  • Content of thought: The contents of the mind in schizophrenic patients are usually not easy to understand. Some of these sufferers have a pent-up desire, in some cases, the sufferer seems to have reached his desire but often missed the limit. We take one of the movie footage titled "A Beautiful Mind" when Jhon Nash will be arrested. He always says that he is working in a non-military, and he becomes a much-needed person. It was only in his mind, when he was caught always repeating the same words either to explain to whom.
  • Wrong perception:  Wrong perception, this sufferer will exaggerate something that is going on. One of them they will see the doctor as an enemy who will pounce. Hearing and sightings are also not necessarily direction, not infrequently if they are very afraid of drugs. This patient is also very comfortable with the illusion of continuous with expectations, usually people who come in his imagination must be the closest person or person who recognized him. In a depressed situation or being alone, the imagination often comes and makes it visible to speak to someone.
  • Understanding is not understood: This patient sometimes does not know who he is, women or men. For some cases, he always explains himself to everyone like a very exaggerated introduction, and even then always inserted with things outside the naral. For example, "I work as an antidote to rain, people are very reluctant to me". His facial expression would be flat, his feelings very insensitive, making people uncomfortable and decided to excommunicate him.
  • Destructive: In some cases, this patient can not manage his daily schedule, as for who can arrange the schedule but not done, this is because his desire deviated from reality. He appears to be in a hurry in activities, making his career and his daily activities destroyed. The process of the initial symptoms to lanjutpun very diverse, there are directly experiencing significant changes there is also a slowly. But be aware, if you find these early symptoms, it should be taken to a specialist.
  • Breaking up with the outside world: In the case of schizophrenia children will occur isolation that withdraws from the outside world, he is not able to plunge into the lives of others. This often makes the child dibuli by his friends. On the other hand, this patient is in need of special attention. If you want to take care of it yourself, it will be very tired. Psychiatrists will not face it themselves, some of these sufferers will be asked to see what and what is going on to be addressed further. You can see the sufferers in the mental hospital whose hands are tied up?
  • Disturbing Motoric Behavior: Motoric is useful as a person's process of expression. This is not experienced for people with schizophrenia, in some cases he always stays in the comfortable position from morning to night. To move is very rigid, this is because the motor is disrupted. In addition, people with schizophrenia do not keep their body clean, and often find themselves suspected by someone.