The smell of the feet is a scary thing for everyone, especially people who are busy outdoors. Someone who is busy outside, or someone who spends his time meeting new people should pay more attention to body hygiene including feet.

What causes foot odor?

What causes foot odor?

The smell of the feet is caused by the presence of bacteria mixed with sweat. Even the bacteria will eat sweat-sweat on your feet, so your feet give off an unpleasant smell. As for some of the causes, namely using socks that have not really dried, or never use socks, maybe you've been raining so that your shoes wet? This may happen to everyone. And you have to anticipate all the incidents, try to use socks that are really dry, shoes must be clean condition, if you use higheels or wedges you can use antibacterial soap before and after wear wedges, or can use stockings.

How To Eliminate Smell Feet :

How To Eliminate Smell Feet :

1. Use Antiperspirant Special Feet

Antiperspirant is a cream-like cosmetic ingredient that women use for facials. Antiperspirant is useful to minimize the pores on the face. Well, then why this cream can be useful to overcome the smell of feet? This antiperspirant can block the sweat glands out. So it is very useful for those of you who have many activities outside the home. This antiperspirant can be used before any activity outside.

2. Using a Cotton Shirt

You have to buy more cotton-based socks, yes this material is quite expensive when compared with other ordinary materials. But in accordance with its usefulness, more cotton material can absorb more sweat. You should not hesitate with this option, because if you are more busy beyond the possibility of greater sweat is issued.

3. Soak With Lemon Lemon Juice

Make no mistake, in addition to removing acne scars was lemon water can eliminate odor on the feet. Vitamin C content and rich in antioxidants can fight free radicals, in addition to maintaining a pH balance in the body. Although it is sour, but does not make the skin of the foot dry. You can prepare a basin that has been filled in water and squeeze 2-4 lemons and mix it on the water. Soak your feet about 15 to 25 minutes, do this treatment for 2-3 times a day.

4. Sprinkle Legs With Black Coffee

Many people suggest to sprinkle shoes that are used when sports for example futsal shoes this is useful to remove the smell of shoes that are not tasty. You can do the same on your feet, the way you can directly sprinkle your feet with black coffee, do not let selah-selah finger missed. Then let stand for 15-20 minutes. Healing period with coffee can not be ascertained, because the level of bacteria and sweat of a person vary depending on the person's own hormones.

5. Use Deodorant

Deodorant is generally useful to overcome the production of excess oil in the armpits and reduce excess bacteria so that when the sweat of the armpit will not emit an unpleasant odor. Apparently this can be applied to the foot, you would be disgusted to imagine the deodorant commonly used for the armpit should be smeared on the feet. You can buy a special deodorant for the feet only, because when used for the armpits and legs as well, things that dikwatirkan bacteria on the legs will move into the armpits. You can apply a special deodorant for the foot only but beforehand make sure your feet have been washed clean.